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RoofRoof Case Studies: Concord Baptist Church

Thursday, June 9th, 2016 by Matt Cheney


This project started out as a basic roof replacement. However, once we began tearing the existing shingles off, it turned the project from easy to challenging FAST! Unlike most structures, the sanctuary on Concord Baptist Church was built as a fire rated class 2 building. Which essentially means that the structure had to be built from non combustible materials, including the roof deck. Once the removal of the existing shingles commenced, we discovered that the roof deck actually consisted of mineral board and not wood like most structures are constructed out of. The problem is current building codes and shingle manufacturers specify that shingles cannot be fastened to a surface that is considered "non nailable". 


Once we discovered what we were dealing with we put a call into LoadMaster who manufactured the mineral board. They said that you can nail the shingles to the mineral board but you have to use a specific fastener called a "Do All Loc Nail" and that Owens Corning permits the shingles to be installed this way. Once the manufacturers signed off on the installation method, the city code office cleared the project. However, the mineral board we had in place had many holes fro the existing nails. Once again, we called LoadMaster who recommended that a new layer of mineral board be installed over the existing by a LoadMaster licensed company. Between the phone calls, negotiations, and weather, the project commenced 6 weeks after the initial tear off and took 6 weeks to complete. 

About the author
Matt Cheney is the branch manager at Roof Roof in Greenville, SC. He has been with Roof Roof for over 7 years.

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