Job Stories

Job Stories

New TPO Industrial Roof in Gaffney, SC
After completing the lower office roofs, this company selected Roof Roof to install a new roof over their warehouse. Water was coming in at each end of the building and was running over the main electrical panel. The issue that they had was the scuppers were not large enough to handle the amount of water coming off of the roof. Since the roof was nearing the end of its life, they decided to install a brand new roof.  We began by removing the wet insulation at the bottom edges. We then installed new polyisocyanurate insulation. A 1" coverboard was then installed on the existing roof. Versico 60 mil TPO was installed over the entire field of the roof. All curbs and penetrations were custom flashed. The scuppers were cut open to allow more water to flow through them. Crickets were installed between each scupper to help divert water to the scuppers. The finish the project we installed new coping cap around the entire perimeter of the building.  All material was installed by FM Global guidelines and a 20 year warranty was given on the project. The project took 3 months to complete
GAF Designer Shingle Roof Installation
This project took place in the Cliffs at Glassy Mountain. The homeowner had multiple leaks throughout the house and requested an estimate from our company. After a thorough analysis, we proposed new archictectural shingles with a few upgrade options to designer shingles. THe homeowner eventually decided on the GAF Camelot II shingles and new half-round gutters. The project took 2 weeks to complete and included: replacing two skylights, installing GAF ice and water shield across the field of the roof, open metal valleys, custom fabricated drip edge, GAF Cobra ridge vent and high-end cap shingles. Leaf Relief gutter covers were also installed due to the difficulty of keeping the gutters clean, mainly because of the height and steepness of the roof.
PVC Commercial Roof Replacement
This property management company was looking for someone to rent their building. However, the roof was leaking all of the place. They called us to take a look at the roof. Upon inspection, we found hail damage to the existing membrane. The hail in some places had punctured the membrane. We provided and estimate and worked with their insurance adjuster to settle the claim.  The project began by removing the existing membrane and insulation. Rotten wood was discovered and replaced. New ISO board was mechanically attached to the new decking. Versico 60 mil PVC single ply membrane was use on the field and along the walls. All curbs and penetrations were custom flashed. New scuppers were installed. The project took 6 days to complete. 
Leaking Plumbing Boot on Roof in Taylors, SC
This homeowner called Roof Roof becuase she had a leak in her roof. We sent out one of our representatives to investigate the leak. He inspected the roof and determined that the leak was a result of one that had been going on for a while. The OSB sheathing was completely rotten and water was coming in close to a nail. We discussed the options with the homeowner and she selected our company for the repair.  We began by removing the existing plumbing boot and shingles. Once that was complete, we cut out the existing sheet of OSB decking and installed a new piece. Ice and water shield was installed around the boot. Ice and water shield is a good product to use for repairs as it is self-sealing and a lot stonger than most felt underlayments. After the ice and water shield was installed, we began installing new shingles. A new plumbing boot was then installed. We finished it off with a U.V. Guard to help the boot hold up against the sun's damaging UV rays. The process took 2 hours to complete.  No more leaks!
Roof Roof/Support Our Troops Project
Roof Roof teamed up with Owens Corning and Support Our Troops for the Roof Deployment Project. The Roof Deployment Project was started to help alleviate the financial and emotional burdens that active military members and their families face when it comes to a roof replacement project. Owens Corning supplied all material for this project and Roof Roof supplied the labor. We installed Owens Corning Duration TruDefinition Onyx Black shingles, Owens Corning ProArmor underlayment, Owens Corning ice and water shield, Owens Corning starter shingle, Owens Corning ProEdge hip and ridge shingles, new flashing, plumbing boots, and Owens Corning ridge vent. The project took 2 days to complete.  
Chimney Leak
We installed this roof in 2012. The homeowner called us out in November of 2015, because the chimney was leaking. After a detailed inspection of the chimney and flashing, it was determined that the water was being absorbed through the brick and being expelled in the attic space. This resulted in an issue known as efflorescence. Efflorescence is a crystalline, salt substance that appears on brick under extreme moisture conditions. It will appear as the moisture in the brick pushes out and evaporates, leaving the salt behind. The solution to this problem is a simple job for the Roof Roof team. We pressure washed the chimney and sealed all cracks and voids. Once the chimney dried out, we applied a masonry sealer by HydroStop. No more leaks, and no more salty residue!
New Fiber Cement Siding Replacement in Simpsonville, SC
This homeowner called us due to his siding beginning to fall off. We came out and did a thorough inspection of the areas in questions. Currently, the homeowner had fiber cement siding installed. However, the siding was not fastened correctly causing bowing, cracking, and some pieces coming completely off. Due to the widespread fastening issue, we suggested a full siding replacement. The homeowner agreed and selected our company to do the work.  We began by removing the exisitng siding. We then installed new James Hardie Cedarmill fiber cement siding on his home. We then painted the siding with Sherwin Williams Duration paint for a long lasting finish.  This project was especially tricky due to the height and electrical boxes and conduit from solar panels on his home. Heavy equipment was brought in to lift the workers high enough to work as our tallest ladders would not reach. The project took 2 weeks to complete.
Silicon Roof Coating in Pickens, SC
This is the old Pickens Jail in Pickens, SC. The customer called about having multiple leaks. We advised for a total roof replacement, but that was out of her budget. The current roof was a built-up roof, so we told her we could coat it. We started the job by pressure washing and cleaning the entire roof surface. We fixed all holes and cracks with APOC liquidflash and fabric. We also applied two coats of APOC Elastomeric silicone roof coating. This seals the top layer of roofing, and it provides a finish that reflects UV rays. The job took 3 days to complete.
Old Roof Replacement in Easley
This customer needed a new roof due to the age of his current one. The shingles were losing granules. The roof was prematurely deteriorating. If not replaced, the asphalt that the shingles were made of would have deteriorated and eventually caused leaks. Our roofing consultant evaluated the roof, and he advised the homeowner to replace it. We removed the existing roof, replaced 1 sheet of plywood, installed Owen's Corning ice and water shield in all valleys, walls, and penetrations, as well as granulated cap sheet in the low slope valleys, Rex Synthetic underlayment, Owens Corning Duration shingles in Williamsburg Gray, and Owen's Corning high flow, shingle over style ridge vent. We also replaced (2) power fans. Lastly, we installed 2 Velux C01 skylights with Velux flashing kits. It only took 3 days to complete this job.  
Water Infiltration problem in Easley, SC
Roof Roof was called out to this homeowners property because of leaks she had been dealing with for many years. We thoroughly inspected the roof and determined there were several different issues going on. 1.) The roof to wall flashing was not installed properly.  2.) The roof ran directly into the wall at an angle. 3.) The "off the ridge" ridge vent was blocking the water from escaping and therefore backing up in the house 4.) The roof had to of a low slope for just shingles and felt paper 5.) The plywood, board, and batten siding was beginning to rot 6.) Squirrels had chewed through a rotten piece of decking 7.) Carpenter bees had burroughed in the fascia boards After we determined the issues, we put together an action plan to stop the leaks for good. The homeowner accepted our proposal and we started the project within 2 weeks.  We began by removing the existing roof, siding, and gutters. We then replaced a small amount of fascia and soffit which the squirrel burroughed in (problem 6 fixed). Then, we installed new aluminim fascia and drip edge on all eaves and rakes (problem 7 fixed). Next, we installed ice and water shield on the entire field of the roof (problem 4 fixed). After the self adhering underlayment went down, the shingling began. We installed starter shingles and Owens Corning Oakridge Williamsburg grey shingles. For ventilation, we installed a DCI SmartVent which is an "off the ridge" ridge vent (problem 3 fixed). When we got to the walls, we installed an angled steplflashing to match the angle the roof ran into the wall (problem 1 and 2 fixed). We finished off the roof with a custom fabricated metal cap, mechanically attached with neoprene gasketed screws. After the roof was completed, we installed vinyl J-channel and new Mastic Vinyl siding to match the rest of the house (problem 5 fixed) The work took 2 days to complete.
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