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Learn more about RoofRoof SC'S recent work requests in Greenville, SC
Vicinity of Chipping Court in Greenville
Roof leak
Vicinity of Churchill Circle in Greenville
My roof is leaking and it needs repaired. I think its the weather damage that caused
Vicinity of Riglaw Lane in Greenville
I have roof leaking showing on my dining room ceiling from all the recent rain. I had fascia hail damage/repair a couple of years prior and was told that my roof had no hail damage. I need to have the repair done asap and possibly a new roof if there is hail damage.
Vicinity of Panorama Court in Greenville
Roof leak in Living room since last storm. Roof needs repair or replacement
Vicinity of E Decatur Street in Greenville
I have a older home, there are some spots that leak when it rains real hard so I am needed my roof replaced before it causes more damage
Vicinity of Canso Street in Greenville
Roof is leaking with water damage to plywood roof and upstairs drywall ceiling. Identified after heavy rain this past weekend.
Vicinity of Meadors Ave in Greenville
Vent pipe leaking
Vicinity of Sovern Dr in Greenville
Hello When there is heavy rain it is leaking through my window from. I think it is coming from the attic vent and wanted to have an expert looking at it to check it and if necessary to replace the vent. Thank you
Vicinity of Anderson St in Greenville
Roof and gutters need to be replaced
Vicinity of Crosby Circle in Greenville
I have a leak. I would like an estimate on it.
Vicinity of Riverbend Rd in Greenville
Have small water stain on slope below chimney on 5 year old roof. Seems to only appear wet when rain comes from the south.
Vicinity of Kenwood Lane in Greenville
Hi we are under contract to purchase 18 Kenwood and the house inspector thought there might be a couple of issues with the roof, but recommended we find a professional to inspect it. Hopefully that pro is you guys! Let me know if you'd be available this week to take a look. Best, Andrew
Vicinity of Sweet Shade Way in Greenville
I have what appears to be a water stain in the bedroom ceiling. My husband went into the attic and there is a black stain on the roof.
Vicinity of Wingate Rd in Greenville
New roof 3-4 months old, put on before we bought the house and it started to leak recently. We want to know if the contractor did a poor job. He won't answer his phone and we might have a insurance claim or legal action or if this might be normal wear we would like a professional inspection. Thank you. My wife has used your company twice in the past and recommended you.
Vicinity of W. Parker Road in Greenville
At 4:00am this morning my roof began to leak into my living room. I need someone to look at this damage and repair it.
Vicinity of Ketchitan Court in Greenville
Flashing repair
Vicinity of Evonvale Ct in Greenville
USAA inspected my roof already & I received a check for the needed repair. I just need the repair done by a roofing company.
Vicinity of Marigold in Greenville
I have at least one leaking roof vent so I'd like to get them all replaced. The roof is 20 years old but has architectural shingles. Do you perform this type of work?
Vicinity of in Greenville
The existing roof on the house my wife and I are about to buy is nearing end of life (15-18 years old) and will need to be replaced within 30 days of the closing date of 10-23-18 for homeowners insurance purposes.
Vicinity of Sandy Ln in Greenville
Roof replace non insurance claim
Vicinity of Stream Run Court in Greenville
We are concerned we have a leak around our chimney.
Vicinity of Park Lane Court in Greenville
Flashing around chimney has partially blown off causing leaking at the mantle.
Vicinity of Riverbed Drive in Greenville
Wind has blown the corner of the ridge vent up. It's now picking up with each gust allowing rain in. Water dripping from the ceiling. 5 or 6 plywood boards in the attic under the shingles are wet.
Vicinity of Brookdale Ave. in Greenville
Please quote 25 year arch. shingles with 15lb felt. GAF or equal
Vicinity of Spoleto Ct in Greenville
Recently had a roof installed. roof is leaking and I would like to have a full inspection of the attic and interior roof area
Vicinity of E HYPERICUM LN in Greenville
I would like a price to replace a 25 year old roof. No storm damage per State Farm inspector. No leaks.
Vicinity of Pendleton St in Greenville
We have a flat roof on a single story building and we need a replacement roof
Vicinity of Oak Grove Lake Road in Greenville
We have some wood rot on the fascia and around a few windows.
Vicinity of Callahan Ave in Greenville
Fascia boards and front porch need to be repaired/replaced
Vicinity of ARCADIA CIRCLE in Greenville
Need a detailed estimate for the repair/replacement of roof at the property. There is an active leak; property is currently unoccupied.
Vicinity of Windemere Drive in Greenville
I have leaks in my roof around the chimney area. I also wanted to have the whole roof checked for any other issues as well as have the attic inspected. Also, if you do any small "side job" stuff I would love to have someone replace some siding on the outside of a florida room I have. Thanks! Tracey
Vicinity of PROVIDENCE SQUARE in Greenville
Urgent repair needed on area where gutter is over flowing and wood has rotted underneath. Future interest: Also interested in new roof and total gutter replacement. Thanks, Gabe
Vicinity of Tanacross Way in Greenville
After all the rain we got yesterday, I observed a leak above my refrigerator.
Vicinity of WIlshire Dr in Greenville
Roof is currently 20 years old. I have a corner of the roof that is beginning to allow water to leak through to the front porch.
Vicinity of Becket Ct in Greenville
Leaking roof vents during heavy rain and possible wood rot in places.
Vicinity of Fernwood Lane in Greenville
We have a roof leak at our residential home and would like someone to come out to repair as soon as possible.
Vicinity of Churchill Circle in Greenville
This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: roofing . Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.
Vicinity of Hardwood Road in Greenville
We need a repair on a section of our roof/soffit over a covered porch, and would also be interested in a quote for full shingle/roof replacement as our roof is approximately 24 years old. I prefer text/email communication if possible. Thank you!
Vicinity of Richland Creek Drive in Greenville
We have two leaks in our roof: one in our kitchen and one in our attic that appears to be leaking into the bedroom ceiling below it. We have received a quote from another contractor, but have not had good luck with their responsiveness to fix the roof. Can we please arrange for an inspection?
Vicinity of Coxton Mill Crt in Greenville
After recent home inspection it was determined i have hail damage
Vicinity of Bonnie Woods Drive in Greenville
A satellite dish fell off my roof. What has me worried is that the unit just fell off without any aid (i.e. high winds). I'm unsure of the extent of the damage.
Vicinity of Hunters Trail in Greenville
I have a small leak in my roof and I need it repaired. Please EMAIL me and we can setup a time for you guys to come out. My phone is usually busy or off for work, so please email me so we can setup a time. Thank you
Vicinity of Lakeview Dr. in Greenville
Have water leak around roof vent.
Vicinity of Stoney Creek Dr in Greenville
Cost and timing.
Vicinity of Jay Street in Greenville
The storm blue an approximate 6 foot long piece of trim off the eve of my home.
Vicinity of Perigon Ct in Greenville
Replace Shingles
Vicinity of Ashby Park Lane in Greenville
I need a quote for new roofing. The satellite dishes can be removed, we will not use them again. The vent stack for the gas logs can also be removed, we have removed the logs. I want a good quality shingle, the same color that's on there now.
Vicinity of Tigris Way in Greenville
Noticed a stain on my garage ceiling. Went into the attic and saw water coming out from in-between two plywood boards that are located towards the front of the house. This type of home repair is beyond my expertise.
Vicinity of River Bend Rd. in Greenville
I need boards repair on my roof. Some are loose and I believe some are rotten.
Vicinity of Riverside Chase Cir in Greenville
Hail damage on roof, siding and screens Need quot
Vicinity of Ashley Av in Greenville
I would need a quote on a roofing job (replacement and extension). The approximate surface is 2500 sq ft. The roof pitch is 6/12. WE are framing the extension this weekend and would be looking at installing the shingles before the end of May. Please don't hesitate to reach me at the number indicated. Thanks
Vicinity of SURRYWOOD DRIVE in Greenville
Vicinity of Standing Springs Rd in Greenville
Vicinity of Creektop Ct. in Greenville
Insurance claim
Vicinity of Columbia Circle in Greenville
I had my old oil heat chimney removed and need the hole patched up. Also, I would like to get a quote on having a ridge vent installed since someone will already be up there. The rest of my roof appears to be in great shape.
Vicinity of Audrey Ln in Greenville
We had a recent hail and wind storm on March 2nd that tore off some fascia flashing and we are concerned about single damage from the hail.
Vicinity of Maruca Drive in Greenville
Vicinity of Blue Slate Ct in Greenville
I found a roofing shingle in my yard and wanted to have my roof checked
Vicinity of Germander Ct. in Greenville
Replace the gutters and either recap the soffit and fascia or repair damaged sections.
Vicinity of Fire Island Way in Greenville
10+ year old roof with some suspected water spots on ceiling and recent home inspection noted minor shingle damage requiring repair. Gutters are also clogged.
Vicinity of Cleveland Street in Greenville
We would like an estimate for replacing our roof. We would also like to replace our gutters. Will may need to replace some facia boards on front. Thank you! Al Phinney
Vicinity of Stapleford Park Dr in Greenville
Need an estimate for new shingle roof for insurance claim
Vicinity of DUBLIN RD in Greenville
We need a new roof and fascia and soffit work
Vicinity of OLD PELZER RD in Greenville
I need an estimate for a roof on our property
Vicinity of Morgan Shire Dr. in Greenville
Hello, we have a leak in the upstairs bedroom which may be a result of the roof or the gutter. We need someone to make the repairs. Thank you, Jamie
Vicinity of Melville Ave in Greenville
Small home. Probably 100 feet of gutters. Also, possible some rotten wood repair so the gutters will stay in place around the trim of house.
Vicinity of Ashwood Ave in Greenville
I have gutters that I want removed and replaced with new ones with gutter guards, and cover the over hang to be covered as well
Vicinity of Ridenour Avenue in Greenville
Some of our neighbors have hail damage. We need to get our roof checked out.
Vicinity of W. Blue Ridge Drive in Greenville
The flat metal roof on our office building has several leaks. I need an estimate on what it will take to repair it.
Vicinity of Donington Drive in Greenville
I need to find out if my roof has been exposed to hail damage.
Vicinity of Cold Branch Way in Greenville
Getting my house ready to sale. One spot on the roof above the bonus room has a spot that sags and sticks out. Never been a leak in that area but looks bad. Need to get this fixed and made to look like the rest of the roof. Can you come and give me an estimate? We are trying to get it on the market soon. Thanks... Barry
Vicinity of Corner Court in Greenville
Wanted to see if the roof has been damaged by hail
Vicinity of Box Tree Way in Greenville
Need to replace current roof. Only one layer of shingles, would like to lay new layer over current. Standard 20 year 3 tab shingles. May need minor repair to edge of roof in back depending on inspection. 2 story house approx 3 or 4 squares. Medium pitch.
Vicinity of Pelham Road Building A in Greenville
There is a place on the front of our building where gutter has detached from building that I need to get a repair estimate for. This is a 2 story commercial office building.
Vicinity of N Pleasantburg Dr in Greenville
I am looking to buy this house and need an estimate for replacing the roof. I will be on a tight budget so I need to find the right balance between price and quality. Thank you :)
Vicinity of Mauldin Road in Greenville
Our departmental building was built in 1996 and just recently the wind caused damage to the vinyl siding. Want an estimate on replacing all of the vinyl siding. Renewable Water Resources Phone # ext. 263
Vicinity of New Easley Hwy in Greenville
Need a estimate to replace or fix gutters